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We are a holding company specialized in commercializing outstanding technologies from government-funded research institutes, creating jobs, propelling national economic growth, and actualizing an R&D virtuous cycle.

Korea Science & Technology holdings was established in November, 2013 with a mission: turn the research outcomes of government-funded research institutes into viable businesses, boost research productivity, generate high-value jobs, and make a significant contribution to the economic development of the nation.

We are excited to share our renewed vision, “BIG KST - The Global Hub Unlocking the Future of Deep-Tech Start-ups". Guided by our KST2.0 Initiative, we have outlined three core directions for growth, striving to elevate the quality of our entire management system.

First, moving beyond merely being a deep-tech company builder, we aim to encompass the government, local authorities, government-funded research institutes, the private sector, and the financial world. Our objective is to continually spawn leading deep-tech enterprises and script the success stories of deep-tech unicorns leading the future market.

Second, as architects of a deep-tech investment platform, we will secure a stable long-term investment structure. This includes public tech start-up funds, mid- to long-term investment funds tailored to the characteristics of deep-tech startups, and collaborative scale-up funds specialized for growth designed to help with the full-cycle growth and secure consistent returns.

Third, as a value creator in public technology commercialization, we will pivot from a short-term investment focus to a growth-centric scale-up approach, effectively supporting the growth of our portfolio companies. Our goal is to set up a system to achieve significant results early on, and maximize the portfolio returns by refining our full-cycle ROI system and maintaining regular dialogs with follow-on investors.

Moreover, to foster fresh growth from new corporate ventures, we will transition our focus from domestic financial investors to global, strategic ones. We will secure global innovation hubs and build collaborative channels with global enterprises and VCs to envisage significant achievements in global startups and investments through joint programs and new funds.

Notably, to bring these accomplishments to fruition, we are keen on forging enduring collaborations with our shareholders, related agencies, and commercialization entities. We greatly appreciate your continued interest and support.

Thank you.

Choi Chi-ho, CEO