Korea Science & Technology Holdings, Korea Science & Technology Holdings, specializing in the commercialization of outstanding technologies developed by government-funded research institutes (GRIs), contributes to job creation, national economic development, and R&D productivity.

Korea Science & Technology Holdings (KST) was founded in November 2013 with the aim to promote the commercialization of the research results of GRIs, thereby enhancing research productivity, creating high-value-added jobs, and contributing to the national economic development.

In order to meet this purpose, we have been implementing a variety of strategies such as incubating and investing in technology-based start-ups, supporting business growth of subsidiaries, and organizing and managing the fund for commercialization of technologies.

The success of commercialization is heavily dependent on a combination of factors: development of market-oriented technologies, capacity and network for entry into the domestic and international markets, sufficient funding, and excellence of business start-up teams. All of these requirements must be satisfied in order to guarantee a desired outcome.

At KST, we are committed to ensuring the success of technology commercialization for benefits of global economic growth.

By building a virtuous cycle of technology commercialization with the combination of matching of technologies and clients, incubation, investment, consulting services, strategic partnerships and M&As, we will achieve the desired results.

We will continue cooperating with the shareholder groups, relevant institutions and the commercialization project implementers to realize our vision, and I ask that you continue to show us your support.

Thank you.

CEO Hun Kang

CEO   Hun Kang