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    • Board of Directors
      • CEO
        • Commercialization Support Div.
        • Investment Planning Div.
        • Management Planning Team
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CEO & President - Hun Kang
President, Commercializations Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes Vice president, ETRI holdings
Director, Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority
Senior manager, Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority
Research engineer, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Commercialization Support Division.
  • Discover outstanding technologies, discover market demand, support and provide advisory services to the startup companies of research institutes
  • Discover market demand through diverse networks, plan and establish a technology commercialization fund, invest into and manage subsidiaries, and implement exit strategies, etc.
  • TEL : +82-42-862-9217
Commercialization Support Division.
People in charge
Director Allen Jang
Senior Manager Chanmyeoung Jung
Senior Manager Mark Ryoo
Senior Manager, CFA, Hanjun Choi
Manager Sungwoo Cho
Manager Jinhee Lee
Manager Younjae Ha
Management Planning Team
  • Is in charge of management support, fund management, risk management and compliance check, and management of portfolio companies
  • TEL : +82-42-862-8661
Management Planning Team
People in charge
Director Jaeho Jeong
Staff Jeong-eun Lee