This is an overview of Korea Science & Technology Holdings including the purpose of its establishment.

Purpose of Establishment

설립목적-기술사업화 전문기관 KST설립, 지속적 자본 확충을 통한 자회사 육성 및 성공적 Exit 추진, 자율적 권한과 성과 책임 문화 구축, 전문가 영입을 통한 성과 창출조직, JV, 창업 등 다양한 사업화 추진, 투자기업에 대한 밀착 성장지원, M&A를 통한 투자회수, TLO와의 역할분담 및 협업
  • 기술사업화 전문기관 KST 설립
    • 지속적 자본 확충을 통한 자회사 육성 및 성공적 Exit 추진
      • 자율적 권한과 성과 책임 문화 구축
        • 전문가 영입을 통한 성과 창출조직
        • JV, 창업 등 다양한 사업화 추진
        • 투자기업에 대한 밀착 성장지원
        • M&A를 통한 투자회수
        • TLO와의 역할분담 및 협업
Specialized and systematic support for start-up companies
  • Importance of integrating R&D and business through fusion, opening and globalization to prepare for the future and overcome the economic slowdown
  • Need to encourage business start-ups using the technologies of government-funded research institutes (GRIs)
  • Need for a specialized and systematic organization that can overcome the limitations of TLOs of GRIs and handle high-risk, high-return technologies
Supporting the foundation of companies with fusion technologies
  • Promote the foundation of companies with diversified technology portfolio and fusion technologies
  • Provide stable support for start-up companies based on continuous funding
  • Reduce the burden on GRIs with respect to business failures
Synergic effect through differentiation and productive cooperation with the existing TLOs
  • Unlike TLOs oriented toward technology licensing, KST provides financing for and assistance to start-up companies centering on high-risk and high-return technologies and specialized services such as marketing and business consulting
  • Establish a foundation for mutual growth by cooperating with TLO