Building and implementing continuous processes for technology commercialization from planning to strategic exit

Business Strategies

Business Strategies
investment support
Support for starting
a new company
Growth support Note
Support for start-up companies

Investment into start-up companies Linking with government assistance programs

Support for the administrative procedure of starting a new company

Consulting services on technology, marketing, legal and accounting matters and overseas business development

Management of intellectual property rights of GRIs

Support for new business development

Establishment of joint ventures or acquisition of new shares of business partners

Building a database of research results of GRIs and matching with the needs of SMEs pursuing new businesses

Support for IPO, M&A and back-door listing of mutual subsidiary companies and joint ventures

Implementation of strategic businesses

Planning and Creation of new start-ups for commercialization of public technologies by KST

Common factors

Strategic investment into companies commercializing outstanding technologies (market pull type)

Mentoring by internal and external experts, Support for technology search, market analysis and business planning

Networking with buyers, investors, and experts according to the growth stage